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Working out isn’t always easy, but it can always be fun. Especially when you have your own coach and cheerleader motivating you to reach your full potential. Your personal trainer will design a personalised training plan to suit your needs, abilities and goals and then motivate you to achieve those goals while keeping you accountable.


Our goal is to make your life healthier, more manageable and productive. We want you to enjoy training as a lifestyle and not a financial burden. Sign up with your friends and pay less for each group member, besides working out with friends is way more fun anyway!


Workout Plans

Workouts are designed around your particular wants and needs. From resistance and strength training to Pilates and barre. We cover a full range of exercises perfectly suited to the female body. For heavy weight lifting and male specified training – please send us an email.


Goal Orientated

Whether your looking to lean down or bulk up, our programs are solely linked to your personal goals. We incorporate a whole range of lifestyle goals too such as punctuality, commitment, self love and self care.


If you're ready to discuss personal training in more detail, simply schedule your first free call to discuss your goals and we will put together a custom plan for you.